Project Description

A unique adventure trip to all the most beautiful and undiscovered places in Georgia!

We`ll start with the Okatze Canyon, which is considered to be the deepest in Europe, pass through Racha and Lower Svanetia to get to Ushguli (the highest mountain village in Europe) along the beautiful and unused road, where we will reach the glacier of Shkhara – the highest mountain in Georgia, visit the 12th Century monastery at an altitude of 2200m, and descend through numerous serpentines to a fantastic city, carved into the rocks – Vardzia. Desert views form the window will soon be replaced by fatnastic Caucasus Mountains when we arrive in Kakheti. Only 5-6 hours will take us to reach the Abano Pass (2850m) by the most dangerous roads in Georgia. But this is necessary to get to the most secluded area in Georgia – Tusheti. Here we will spend 4 days exploring old villages, pristine nature, getting to know local people and fantastical nature. We will definitely overcome fear of heights as we will ride along the edge of the cliff of 800 meters and climb the unapproachable slopes. We will visit an even higher mountain village in Europe – Bochorna (2365m) and see thousands of defensive towers from the 9-11th centuries. We will walk along the vast expanses, breathe in the cleanest air in the world and watch the clouds float right under us. We’ll finish our journey in a monastery, carved into the rocks right on the border with Azerbaijan – David Gareja.

Adventures that you will definitely remember, mountain lakes and rivers, delicious food a lot of wine and a small cheerful group of up to 7 people!


  • Info:
  • When? JULY(ask for the date)
    How long? 12 days
  • We will drive 1800km by jeep through whole country
  • Путешествие для тех, кто хочет увидеть настоящую Грузию
  • For adventurous travellers


  • Breakfasts
  • Accomodation
    Best of the best guesthouses in the mountains
    Good tri-four-star hotels in the cities
  • All transportation on jeep for our small group
  • Photography lessons
  • Preparation help


  • Meals and dinners (10-15$ per day)
  • Flight to Kutaisi and from Tbilisi
    We will help you buy the correct tickets

Georgia expedition programme

Day 1. We arrive in Tbilisi (or in Kutaisi). We meet the sunset with a view over rivers Kura and Aragvi near the monastery of Jvari in Mtskheta and drive to Kutaisi.

Day 2. We are going to see one of the deepest in the canyons of the world – Okatze and the waterfall of Kinchha, and then we go on the most beautiful but difficult road to Ushguli – the highest inhabited village in Europe. We`ll spend the night there, overlooking the giant Shkhara mountain.

Day 3. Today we will walk straight to the foot and glacier of Shkhara – the highest mountain in Georgia. If you’re lucky, we’ll be able to ride on the ice and touch a thousand-year glacier. And then we will go to the 12th century monastery Lamaria.

Day 4. Today the road will lead us through dozens of serpentines, deep fords and in will take us to monastery that`s been carved into the rocks in the 12th century. Here we also find old church in the cave and more than 600 rooms!

Day 5. We will continue to study Vardzia with a guide and by the afternoon we pass Tbilisi by beautiful lakes Sagmaho and Paravani to spend the night in Kakheti. Here we will stock up on wine and fall asleep with a view of the Caucasian Range.

Day 6. This day you will remember for your whole life! 8 hour drive through the most dangerous pass in Georgia – Abano, which is at an altitude of 2850m! Then a small descent to find yourself in the most remote region in Georgia – Tusheti. Here we will be expected by such friendly people and very, very-very beautiful and unapproachable mountains. We’ll spend the night in a guesthouse with a fantastic view!

Days 7-10. We`ll devote these three days to the study of nature and beauty. Thousands of thousand-year-old towers, ancient fortresses and small villages, where locals use horses move arround, the nature that changes after every turn, fantastic gorges untouched by man, minimum tourists and good-natured hosts of guesthouses, delicious food, noisy mountain rivers. Here we will visit the village of Bochorna 2365m and feel the cleanest air, overcome dozens of fords in a jeep and on foot. If only there was enough time for everything!

Day 11. And again pass Abano. After a long but stunning drive we will find ourselves in Kakheti region and enjoy bathing in the pool overlooking Caucasus mountains.

Day 12. We will get up early to have time to visit a rock monastery David Garedja. One of the most sacred and holy places in Georgia right on the border with Azejbardjan. It’s not so easy to get here, so we’ll be almost alone in the morning (except maybe monks). And in the afternoon we will return to Tbilisi to fly home.

This is an expedition! We will see a lot of things in a very short time! The group only 7 people (including the guide). We will take care of your comfort, but in the mountains the living conditions can be very simple. Although this is compensated by delicious food) The program has many crossings of mountain gravel and stone roads. If you get “motion sickness” – think about whether you want to come with us. We will also walk in the mountains light (10-15km per day). There is no need to be super-fit, but it`s better if you are in good physical shape.